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From :   白特金 阿林

Date : 2007-07-17 / 09:47PM

hello again!.. 再你好!我有一个question!(i have a question) 为什么我们用 “要”instade of "想“ for example:when we ask 你想死吗?xiang uses as “want” Could u help my brain!!!! 谢谢你啊! 小姐. Tones!!

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2007-07-18 / 02:51PM

你好! First I should say I don’t like this sentence. I hope you never use it. But I can tell you the difference between “xiang” and “yao”. Literarily speaking, “xiang” means " would like to", and “yao” is " to want". So you can see, “yao” sounds much stronger than “xiang”. If you heard one people said " Ni xiang si ma?" , it doesn’t mean he or she really want somebody go to die, just a warning in a bad way.

Responses Owner
2007-07-18 / 05:28PM

我见(i see) .. 谢谢 我的老师。 我是很高兴。 我always有多questions. 谢谢for 你的 paitent! even i 学你们的videos twice!!..

Responses Owner
2007-07-18 / 05:48PM

谢谢你的支持(support)! Any questions just Ask Benny and me.



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