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From :   Bronwyn Brin

Date : 2007-07-20 / 11:05AM

Im interested in travelling to Xian… any suggestions on the best way?

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 Van the Man 
2007-07-20 / 12:32PM

Bronwyn, you’ll visit one of the oldest city in the world!!! I am not sure where you are going to departure from, either flight or train is a good choice, as Xi’an is located in the center of China, it will not take too long to get there even taking the train. One thing I need to remind you is that the airport is actually not in Xi’an, but in another city Xian Yang, so it’s pretty far from the city, about 47 Km.

By the way, the main attractions you can’t miss are the City Walls and the Terracotta Army.

Ok, anything else you want to know about Xi’an? Let me know!



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