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From :   Meir

Date : 2008-02-14 / 04:50PM

On the island page there is a field for interests but there is no icon to click on. How do I put anything in this interest area? Can other people see this field?
Is it possible to browse for other people and see their interests?
I see there is an option to invite friends but I don’t see any way to click on and read anything about them. Rather than just send messages out to random names , I would prefer to find people with similar interests.

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 Benny the Mandarin Teacher 
2008-02-14 / 07:56PM

Ni Hao Meir!

Great questions and I have passed them onto our Tech Gurus! Let me get back to you with an answer soon!

Thanks for your support!

Xie Xie Ni! Zai Jian!


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