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3 Months (Fortified)

3 months access to all learning content, and manage your own vocabulary list.

 USD 54.00

With Royal Membership, you will have access to all 8 Standard Chinese Courses. These Chinese courses are a set of comprehensive Mandarin Chinese learning material organized into levels, from beginner to advanced.

What's More?
image Access to ALL Standard Mandarin Chinese courses.
image Maintain your own Vocabulary List so you can practice again and again.
image Take Mock exam to test your Mandarin Chinese skill to date.
image Create and print your own Flashcard.

Beginner Member (Mandarin Chinese Learning)
Access to only level 1 (White belt) Mandarin Chinese Learning - articles, audios, comics, and videos.
Royal Member (Mandarin Chinese Learning)
Access to ALL 8 level (White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown, Black belt) Mandarin Chinese Learning - articles, audios, comics, and videos.
My Vocabulary
Add Chinese vocabulary from the library to your own and grow your list. Create and manage your own Chinese vocabulary.
Create your own flashcard according to your learning progress from the library or your Vocabulary List.
Mock Exam
Test your Chinese skill and prepare for the Exam.
Conduct self-assessment on your Chinese skill at your leisure.
Chinese Tools
Throughout your learning process, there will be help available at anytime using Pinyin Converter, Pinyin Table and Chinese Dict.
Benny's City
Tour Benny's City and learn Mandarin Chinese in Benny's Home, Blog and Body. Enjoy the Games while you learn and check out the Hall of Fame to see if your name is at the top.
Angel's and Friend's Tips
Check out various grammar, vocabulary and culture tips from Benny's Friends and Angels.
My Tutor
A professional tutor to guide you each step of the way.
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Standard Chinese Course Exercise
Tailor-made exercise on your Chinese Standard Course by your personal tutor.
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Note : * = coming soon